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The Most Iconic Person Of All Time. Lady Di !

Princess Diana Owned The Coolest  



No matter how much fashion changes, the looks worn by the Princess of Wales will always be style icons.


 (November 1995)

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Princess Diana was spotted wearing a combination of bike shorts and a Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt, an ode to close friend Richard Branson, that illustrated Diana’s iconic love of athleisure before it became popularised in mainstream fashion.  

Diana embodied the '90s style that is making a comeback in modern trends.


 Lady Di was spotted on a number of occasions wearing athletic wear while out and about, mainly sporting oversized sweatshirts, cycling shorts and sneakers. 

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With the return of '80s and 90s trends over the past few seasons, the industry has been revisiting the Princess' wardrobe, and they will always be back to one of the most popular and stylish wardrobe ever!



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